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I’ve broken the rules!

They all say if you haven’t worn it in the last 3-6 months, it’s got to go. Get rid of it. That’s proper wardrobe decluttering. Proper minimalism. Until this moment, I haven’t worn this outfit in 25 years.  SHOCK HORROR! I’m 49. It’s pretty easy math. But, I love it. I absolutely love it. Still. It reminds me of awesome fun times in my 20’s. Clubs. Parties. Dancing. Fabulous friends. Plus, it's Wheels & Dollbaby,…
May 16, 2024
MinimalistSelf Love

Have I failed?

Six weeks ago I got kicked by a horse. Hard. I was unsure if I’d seriously damaged my leg - especially my reconstructed knee. A few weeks later, after taking it especially carefully, I had a big fall off one too.  The pain has been immense. And pain has a funny way of clouding our minds, our energy. Of course, I did what most of us do and kept gently moving forward. My family needed…
May 8, 2024
Hiddy and Co HorsesSelf Love

Meet our new baby!

I realise it’s easier to say ‘trust the timing of life’ than it is to actually 'do’ ... when life’s happening around us and especially when shits flying all over the place! Am I right? Or am I right? Last week, I shared with you that I suddenly lost my beloved 🐴 Monte a year ago and that this is something I haven’t been ready or able to share publicly, until now. I guess because,…
April 4, 2024
Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps To Success

Menopause. It’s a profound transition.

The discussion surrounding menopause often arises in the late 40s and early 50s for most women, but I firmly believe that awareness should begin much much earlier, in our 30s or even before that. As women, we carry numerous responsibilities and face countless challenges throughout our lives. From pursuing careers to navigating the joys and complexities of motherhood, we often find ourselves stretched thin, juggling multiple roles and priorities. However, amongst the hustle and bustle…
March 21, 2024
Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps To Success

This simple shift could change everything.

Hey there beautiful. Today, I want to share a little snippet from my life that often comes up – a moment that profoundly teaches me every single time, about the power of choice and the freedom we have to shape our lives. It’s been really hot where I live and often, the idea of saddling up and working 3 of my horses sometimes seems like a daunting task. One that I could easily put off.…
March 12, 2024
Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps To Success

Your resilience is not just admirable.

Hey there today beautiful lady! I openly share my challenges with you to lift you up, provide insight into a way through and show that life is happening for me too. Its happening for all of us but we've got this. Hey, I know you’ve had some mighty big ones as well. That’s one of the certainties of life, it’s gonna happen, and usually when we least expect it, right?! Amidst the ebb and flow…
March 3, 2024
Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps To Success

I am not enough.

Hey there busy lady! I know that each day, you're often exhausted but feel lazy when you rest. In fact, when you rest, you think you should be doing something more productive, don’t you? I know that all the rushing around you do in your day has you feeling like you’re missing out on precious quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love most, doesn’t it? I also know that oftentimes…
February 23, 2024
I am an expert at overcoming adversity, an optimist when it comes to our experiences & my obsession is teaching busy mama's how to self love & slow down!Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps To Success

Why do we do it? It’s concerning.

Welcome to my little kitchen in my little house that I absolutely adore! You know, it wasn’t that long ago when I thought that the idea of being a homeowner again was ever going to be possible for me. I had no money. No job. I was so run down and unhealthy. Basic survival was my focus. For all of that though, I am so grateful, because I have learned so much and personally developed…
February 16, 2024
I am an expert at overcoming adversity, an optimist when it comes to our experiences & my obsession is teaching busy mama's how to self love & slow down!Busy Mums Slow Down™ Kickstart Guide

I was medicated for anxiety & depression.

Jumping in here as proof that I don’t always wear my hair dirty in a pony tail!!! Its called me time ladies and I feel good for it too! Here’s a reminder for you. Have a listen to the end. It will only take a minute or two. And so worth it. For you. When I suddenly lost my home and my 6 figure salary, I lived in a caravan in my sisters back yard…
February 9, 2024

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