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I think positive visual reminders are important for us all. It’s a good thing to be reminded of our abilities to stay focused and flow; not compare ourselves to others; step up and do the work that is required; take responsibility for our life direction and show Grace no matter what. Positive visual reminders also help us to remember that we are way stronger than we think.

I hope you enjoy this visual (giggle?!) reminder to push on regardless

In 2018, this was our ‘caravan’ home.

Our ‘tiny DIY project’ home in 2019.

This is where we are at in 2020.

So not fancy (yet 😉) but definitely a healthy home loaded with love and grace.  I mean seriously, what more could you ask for?! So many steps forward have been taken and yet, there are so many more steps forward still to take. Loads more work to be done!

I know how scary a personal (and professional 😨) pivot shake up can be and yes, it’s important to keep our eyes and focus forward. I think it is OK to positively look back though too … to remember from where you have come, the work you have done and the steps forward you have taken for the future you are creating.

Will you take a moment this weekend to look around you and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you have done and all that you continue to do? I will continue to lead my community and I’m not going to stop because things feel scary and out of my area of expertise. 👊 

As a person who naturally finds the physical work much easier than the mental work, the purpose of this article is to draw parallels with the physical DIY around here and the tough stuff going on in the world presently. I am sharing these pics in the hope they help you see the power that is within you to transform your own life and why you can personally pivot too, however that may look for you. 

I know this of you – you are way stronger than you think 💖 Hxx