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The #1 secret of living large with less.

Terror took over. My (financial) future looked frightening. In an instant I thought “if my personal losses weren’t enough already, why now this professionally too?” and “how on earth will me and my kiddies afford to eat?”

Never afraid to put my nose down and bum up, I have always been a working mama, juggling the juggles. A once encouraging and thriving career in I.T. travelling the globe became something I eventually sidelined because of my ability to think about and plan my future with imagination and wisdom with another. That startup became (is) very successful with me as the sure-fire 60 hours + per week support person. I was never the front man and it wasn’t for me to retain.


I was afraid. Terribly afraid. One minute, as in the afternoon prior, all that I knew and had worked so hard to achieve was nicely in place. The next, as in the very next morning, financially frozen out. Cut off from all that I knew and had worked so hard to achieve. No notice. None. A 6 figure salary instantly gone. Overnight to no income. No access to any money. Nothing.

“I had to buy groceries today?” I immediately panicked! “And what about fuel in my car today to get my kiddies to school this morning?” Grim.

The passionate team of researchers and communications specialists at for two consecutive years, were briefed to develop fresh thought leadership content to support media activity for Financial Planning Week. The Live the Dream research explores perceptions on success and living the dream.

Read the info graphic here:

The Dare to Dream report suggests that in DREAMING ABOUT OUR FUTURES Australians have a strong self belief, with 4 in 5 (82%) believing in their ability to create the life they want.

The report,  of which 2,635 Australians of working age participated in, gathered statistically robust samples for each state/territory  also suggests that OUR TOP 5 ASPIRATIONS & DREAMS are:

  2. LIFESTYLE of our choice (58%)
  3. Pursue INTERESTS and HOBBIES (50%)
  4. FREE UP TIME and spend it with those we LOVE (43%)
  5. Have a FAMILY (19%)

I knew that my self belief and mental health were in tatters and was truly a struggling mess, but

Could it be that I was intrinsically in that 82%? What about you?

While it felt at the time, when my very well worked hard for financial future had frantically been ripped from me, I JUST HAD TO BE in that 59% of believers for full financial freedom and independence too. Quite simply, because if I wasn’t, it sure would be a much more ugly and slippery slope. I JUST HAD TO BELIEVE in the lifestyle of my choice (58%). The choice was mine, as the choice is yours.

“The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness”

– Thich Nhat Hanh –

At that very moment of financial fear in 2016, I wasn’t dreaming about my future and while always a “driven and committed worker”, the answer back then wasn’t as simple as “just go and get a job to replace the one that you lost”.  I decided to simply forget about money, and dig in entirely to my faith. I had to trust in freedom and independence, believing that food on the table and a roof over our heads would all be OK. 


I have no regrets. In my heart of heart’s I am told that I am the most important front man of all – my children’s. I know that being brave and happy, is the most powerful inheritance I can ever offer to them. My daily faith has deepened and is steadfast – this is what I believe is the #1 secret to commencing a life large with less.

Could you intrinsically be in the 82% of people who have a strong self belief? Do you believe in your ability to create a life that you want, despite what you are going through right now?

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