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Want to embrace minimalism and simplicity?

A bright, beautiful future for you does exist

Howdy, I’m Hiddy.

An Aussie western Queensland cowgirl at heart, an educator, minimalist and overcomer. I’m an advocate of slow living, leading with your heart and the joy a minimalist lifestyle can bring.

My happiest moments are spent with my kiddies and our horses, or quietly in front of my computer with a cuppa, sharing my story and intentions with you.

For me, 2014 and 2015 were dark and deeply sad years. Hope did not exist. I experienced shock, grief, loss  and heartbreak – completely blindsided by deceit and devastated by the breakdown of what I thought was a close and connected marriage.

I spent the next few years rebuilding my life. I redefined my values and mission and created a life that is slower and simpler than ever before. At the same time, I’m achieving more and feeling more fulfilled than ever.

Now, I’m devoted to teaching busy mums about slow down. Why it’s imperative in our busy mum lives and that slowing down is not lazy. We can slow AND achieve at the same time.

I promise.

Living the dream or a living nightmare...

My early career as a hairdresser led to fantastic personal and professional opportunities. Top of the list was the 10 years I worked as the global educator for software company Shortcuts Software. There I created and delivered education programs and rolled out new technology to hair and beauty salons across the world.

I was blessed to be mentored by one of the company’s three founders and worked closely with the sales / marketing and research / development teams, in all aspects of packaging product up for market.

After this role, I was working in a successful start-up with my (now ex) husband, putting in 60+ hours a week (with two tiny babes to care for as well).

In 2013, our sweet little boho family of 4 (mum, dad and the two kids) relocated from Queensland. We bought a stunning 25-acre New South Wales coastal property, an easy 5 minute drive to the beach.

With our horses, dogs, chooks, a very successful business and ‘sky is the limit attitude’, we were all set to renovate our new home and hit more of those milestones we were achieving together.

I thought I was living the dream. Until that life turned into a living nightmare.

In 2014/2015, I was turning 40 and about to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. I was devastated to suddenly learn the beautiful man I married in 2004 – the one who I was crazily committed to forever – had not been honest with me, for a very long time.

His life was very different to the one I thought ‘we’ had.

I was distraught and heartbroken. I felt completely hopeless. The days that followed in 2015 are a blur. Supported by Valium to dull my fears, pain, anguish, anger, trauma, despair and loss, I felt I had no hope.

The life I thought I had, the one I was building and believing in had been swiftly taken from me.

My life felt dark, with no foreseeable future. The intricate fabric of trust – the essence of my marriage and intimacy – had been destroyed.

I was flooded with emotions.

However, I knew immediately I had the ability to forgive. I just needed time.

This brings me to you

I know my story is not a unique one but I also know you need to hear it.

You need to hear about purpose and hope. I am holding this space for you.

Regardless of what you have experienced, this is your life to design and your chance to truly live it.

Don’t let horrible adversity stop you in your tracks forever. Don’t let your hurt, pain and losses give up on you and the life you deserve.

I’m doing this too for my children.

I want them to know what the three of us together have built. 

The legacy of our shared story and journey together connects us and has positively moved us forward through some truly difficult stuff. 

We are setting ourselves up expectantly for a positive and bright future. I am holding this space for them too.

You will be inspired here to make meaningful changes in your life which will affect your future.

The only way through is through, even during times when it seems there’s no way. 

Taking action, small deliberate steps each day, creates momentum that will drive you forward into actioning the life you deserve.

I am far from perfect! I make loads of mistakes (often) and still have some shitty moments too.

But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I am living and learning.

Especially when it comes to us busy mums slowing down. Keeping it honest and teachable.

Our happy place, living at our own pace

I now live in the stunning Northern Rivers region of NSW, not far from Byron Bay … YYYEEWW BABY! It’s a divine place to call home.

I’m a natural horsewoman, yoga devotee and Jesus loving mama.

My kids and I are blessed with our health, our love for each other and a roof over our heads. We have a lovely place we’re renovating and I am in love again with the most incredible man, but in 2015 the kids and I lived in a caravan – our quaint 50-year-old retro girl named Evie.

My focus is now crystal clear. My purpose is to help busy mums slow down by sharing what I’ve learned about simple living and minimalism. Using my skills as a digital educator, I’ve developed my digital course business to help busy mums slow down and achieve what matters most!

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