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Packing all and everything up and moving from our family dream home as a divorced single mama  in 2017 was among one of the most difficult things I have EVER had to do. But I had to. And not looking back was right up there too. To be honest, it’s a daily struggle but as this beautiful scripture Proverbs 4:25 puts it “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you”. I work very hard to keep my head and my heart there in that positive space, rather than sadly looking back.

Sure thing, I have spent time, MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS, just sat frozen and fearfully still. Too terrified to even think forward, let alone go there. Scared to death and painfully lost with what it could look like for me. Petrified to even let my mind wander there. I gave myself time. Had loads of therapy. Prayed heaps. Cried even more. Talked it through with my mum and my incredible supportive loved ones over and over and over until gently the dark solemn cloud started to finally lighten and lift. Even though I NEVER thought it would!

Coming out from under that dark death cloud of grief was action that took many tiny little steps forward. Mostly it was drudgery through the heavy sunken mud not light and bright happy skippy steps. Nonetheless they were steps! It has taken the time it takes with Intention and Grace and Action … Hxx