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Living large with less? What does it mean for you? Lets have a look.


I overheard someone say the other day … “I am doing this challenge with a friend at the moment; neither of us are buying a single new item of clothing in 2019. I have way too many clothes and too much stuff anyway, I don’t need anything else. I just need to simplify” she drifted off. This could mean living large with less, couldn’t it?

I met an incredibly inspiring woman at a function last week … I couldn’t help but notice her, everyone did. This woman was gorgeous to look at with such a strong personality and a tremendous laugh. She was larger than life, brilliantly entertaining yet warm.  She was the life of the party, spending up big time. This could mean living life large, couldn’t it?

Let me define ‘live large with less’ as I see it and explain how it can relate to you …

  • It has NOTHING to do with money or materials.
  • It has EVERYTHING to do with self confidence, grace, integrity and faith.
  • The LESSER part of the phrase IS simplifying stuff – mental, emotional & physical.
  • The LARGER equals fulfillment in the everyday and in the journey.

For you this means …

  1. You can let go of your losses & heartbreaks because they do not define you.
  2. You can choose to gently build back your self confidence & your life on your terms.
  3. You can face your challenges with grace & integrity, no matter what comes at you.
  4. You can put your faith first, trusting that what is for you will not go by you.
  5. Your life will be less of mental, emotional and physical clutter.
  6. Your life will be large with promise and presence.

In reference to my previous post which you can read here, I believe that truly living large with less puts you in the 82% of people who have a firm sense of self belief, believing strongly in your ability to create a life that you want. I believe this is instinctively you, because you wouldn’t be here otherwise!

For me, my living large is not about appearances. It is about my spirit and my inner health.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree and why? I would love to know what you think, will you leave a comment here today and let me know?

Thank you so much for being here and for adding your perspective. Please share this post with someone you love, because it might help them forward to simply start over too. They can also easily sign up here for me to guide them along too 


Hiddy xx


I look forward to seeing you there this week on Friday 08/02/19 10am AEDT xx