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A 6 figure salary. Overnight to nothing.

The #1 secret of living large with less. Terror took over. My (financial) future looked frightening. In an instant I thought “if my personal losses weren’t enough already, why now this professionally too?” and “how on earth will me and my kiddies afford to eat?” Never afraid to put my nose down and bum up, I have always been a working mama, juggling the juggles. A once encouraging and thriving career in I.T. travelling the globe…
January 18, 2019
Slow DownYoga

Do you feel like you’re rushing yourself ragged?

Learn what you can do about it. I was wondering if you answer yes to any of these questions … Do you often feel like you are rushing to do it all? Do you often feel like you are wound up like a spring? Do you often feel like you are in a daily battle to try and keep up? Is it possible that YES has been your answer to all of these?! You know,…
November 27, 2018

3 Simple Steps. Jog On Through Adversity.

“Jog On. No One's Comin” A few years ago a friend of mine used this term to describe how he kept moving forward through major adversity he was experiencing in his life. Together we belly laughed over the phrase and its meaning. He didn’t mean it like it sounds, that he had no one to support him on that journey. Personal and professional support is key to getting through the tough stuff. He meant, it's…
November 12, 2018

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

For 26 years, I have been a hairdresser. I have held other amazing roles during my career, including traveling internationally in a global educating I.T. one. I have experienced career thrills and highs and the feeling of “oh yeah, I am FINALLY going somewhere!” I have also experienced absolute and complete professional loss too, as in no job, no money, no seemingly visual way forward. I know what it’s like to be starting from scratch…
October 18, 2018
Slow Down

What’s With All The Horses

I know right, so far they are everywhere on both my site and my feed! Can I have ANY photos without them?! Well, yeah, sure, totally I can, but these photos you are seeing of me and my horses are one of those things that has been pivotal in this journey of mine and they have kinda resulted naturally in forming the flavour of me here. Despite a 10 year break during the 90’s while…
October 1, 2018
MinimalistSlow Down

If It’s Going To Be It’s Up To Me!

I was starting to feel that even though we could have very happily spent the rest of our days in our beautiful retro old girl caravan we fondly call Evie, camped out on my gorgeous sister’s rural property, that it was time to consider where to next for us. Geographically, the run between school, my new work and where our horses were was fairly time consuming. I was very grateful and happy to do it,…
September 15, 2018
MinimalistSlow Down

With Action Comes Momentum Forward

Packing all and everything up and moving from our family dream home as a divorced single mama  in 2017 was among one of the most difficult things I have EVER had to do. But I had to. And not looking back was right up there too. To be honest, it’s a daily struggle but as this beautiful scripture Proverbs 4:25 puts it “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you”. I…
September 1, 2018
Home RenovationMinimalistSlow Down

Evie Living

Nothing was in my name. The business owned it all. The business that I thought was ours and the one that I had tirelessly built with him from the ground up since 2010. The business that I suddenly had no entitlement too and quite literally overnight frighteningly was financially frozen out of. I asked him if I could keep our caravan (aka Evie) in our settlement. Please. The children and I would need somewhere to…
December 1, 2017
Home RenovationSlow Down

For Sale. Sold.

Friday 08th September 2017 and the FOR SALE sign went up on our family home. More heartbreak, really?  I am confronted constantly with my deep sadness. For all I have gained on this journey, for all the love and support I have received, I wish to not have had to go through the heartbreak that I have. I wish this more for my children. I know I will always have deep sadness in my heart…
October 17, 2017

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