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#1 Why you can personally pivot

By DIY, Home Renovation
I think positive visual reminders are important for us all. It's a good thing to be reminded of our abilities to stay focused and flow; not compare ourselves to others; step up and do the work that is required; take responsibility for our life direction and show Grace no matter what. Positive visual reminders also help us to remember that we are way stronger than we think. I hope you enjoy this visual (giggle?!) reminder…
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Teaching children about money

Pocket money, saving and a smile jar We teach our kids so many important skills as they grow, everything from tying their shoelaces to driving a car. But one thing that’s often overlooked is teaching children about money. One survey of Australian university students aged under 20 found that more than 65% felt they didn’t have the financial life skills they needed as an adult. As parents, the time we have available to influence and…
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Listen Up! Your House Is Asking For A Homely Renovation.

By DIY, Home Renovation, Slow Down
Do you adore your home and like me, little by little, love to pretty it up? Having a home which is gently and lovingly upgraded, reflecting you and your inner world is an absolute blessing I believe. This is all possible even if you are the owner of the house you dwell in or in some cases, even if you are not. Significant changes in your home can be either small or large; cost the…
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