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Evie Living

By Home Renovation, Minimalist, Slow Down
Nothing was in my name. The business owned it all. The business that I thought was ours and the one that I had tirelessly built with him from the ground up since 2010. The business that I suddenly had no entitlement too and quite literally overnight frighteningly was financially frozen out of. I asked him if I could keep our caravan (aka Evie) in our settlement. Please. The children and I would need somewhere to…
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Solo Parenting

By Minimalist, Slow Down
WOWSAS! Ain't this a gig I never envisaged for myself or for my family!!! And don't get me started on how tired I am either!!! 95% of the time, my sweet babes are with me.  Despite my battle against constant exhaustion, I wouldn't have it any other way either. FYI - I do try NOT to complain about my tiredness, which doesn't always work (probably an unachievable intention for me)! I quietly chuckle to myself…
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