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Nothing was in my name. The business owned it all. The business that I thought was ours and the one that I had tirelessly built with him from the ground up since 2010. The business that I suddenly had no entitlement too and quite literally overnight frighteningly was financially frozen out of.

I asked him if I could keep our caravan (aka Evie) in our settlement. Please. The children and I would need somewhere to live … basically that’s where it was at. As luck would have it, Evie ended up on my side of the Balance Sheet.

Ironically, in 2014 right after our inter-state relocation, I commenced a journey in living minimally and even signed up to do an online simple living course for the entirety of that year. Although proud of my intention even back then, it still cracks me up when I think about it and what a hell difficult year I actually had!!! It is so funny (now)  and yet incredibly pivotal because as I camp out here in our beautiful new van home, sharing a double bed with my little girl I think to myself – “be careful what you wish for girly because you can’t get much simpler than this!” Jokes aside, and with all the goodness from within me, what’s happened has happened. You won’t find me hating on my (now) x-husband or putting him down. Yep, he severely hurt me with his deceit and betrayal. He is the father of my children though, I chose to marry him and love him with my whole heart and more. And thankfully for me, I have been able to forgive him too. By far one of the most difficult things for me to ever deal with, is that I never stopped loving him. We are not in this situation because of that.

I put all my eggs in his basket. Every single one of them. I adored him and trusted him with my life. And now I was legally battling for a leg to stand on, for a roof over our heads. Bless Evie girl for coming to our rescue! She is the quaintest most supportive little lady in the world. We don’t have many possessions here in her, there is simply not the room and quite frankly, they are just not needed. The huge amounts of comfort and feelings of home she provides for us, far outweigh anything else material we might wish for.

The three of us are closely together in our little home. We have a roof over our heads to protect us and keep us safe. We have food in our small fridge and in our tummy’s to nourish us. Me and my kiddies are connected and close. And we are healthy.

Together. Protected. Fed. Healthy. What more could we ask for … H xx