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Six weeks ago I got kicked by a horse.


I was unsure if I’d seriously damaged my leg – especially my reconstructed knee.

A few weeks later, after taking it especially carefully, I had a big fall off one too. 

The pain has been immense. And pain has a funny way of clouding our minds, our energy.

Of course, I did what most of us do and kept gently moving forward.

My family needed me in heightened ways (of course!) and I was working toward the exciting launch of my Busy Mums Slow Down™ 14 Day Reset program.

But, in the lesson that I seem to need to keep learning – sometimes pushing through is not the path to success.

Aren’t we so completely done with that model? And isn’t the reason I set up this business the antidote to that kind of living?


What an interesting period of letting go, surrender and allowing ‘what is’ this past six weeks has been. 

Whilst the old me would have felt like a failure for not meeting a self-imposed deadline for launching my course, I am committed to practicing what I preach. 

Showing up with grace and ease. And pivoting when necessary.

I have decided to run a one-off Live Workshop “How to Dress Hot & Minimalist!” instead.

For all of us who don’t want to compromise style on our simplifying journey.

Or perhaps I call it – “Hot Minimalist Style for Women”

Or maybe – “Five Hot Minimalist Looks for Winter”

What do you think? Which title excites you?

Oh and I don’t ever want to be kicked by a horse again (wrong place, wrong time can be very painful!) but as in all things – there’s lessons.

I am sorry for those of you who were waiting to jump into Busy Mums Slow Down™ 14 Day Reset.  

But while I’m pivoting and catching up on everything I missed the past six weeks, let’s get our style and wardrobe sorted. 

Blessings, Hiddyx 😘

👇Please let me know in the comments below …What should I call the Live Workshop?👇