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Hey there busy lady! I know that each day, you’re often exhausted but feel lazy when you rest. In fact, when you rest, you think you should be doing something more productive, don’t you? I know that all the rushing around you do in your day has you feeling like you’re missing out on precious quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love most, doesn’t it? I also know that oftentimes you feel depleted because your mind never ‘switches off’, right? Let me reassure you that you are not alone, you can cut through this mind clutter, finally focus on slowing down AND have time in your day for you!

Life happens for us all. And it happens differently. Your big stuff is different to my big stuff, but I know that life has given you some mighty big ones too. I used to find that my attention to detail personality meant that I would get stuck in the ‘doing’ of what needed to be done to achieve the outcome. I learned this was a disguise for my fear that I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. Can you relate to that in anyway?

Because I felt like I wasn’t enough, I kept doing and doing and rushing and rushing. Trying to fit more into my day. Get more done. What I was thinking (I’m not good enough) and how I was behaving (doing & doing) was leading me further down the path of not feeling great, regardless of what I accomplished in a day. It was an endless cycle until I learned that it’s not in the doing where all the work gets done. I needed to question the belief upon which my actions were based, because if I didn’t those actions would continue. And I would be more depleted than ever before.

I bang on everywhere about enjoying an hour of ‘me time’ every single day without becoming engulfed in a to-do list that’s out of control. AND without the mum guilt. Wherever you are watching this video, will you let me know … now … in this moment, do you wake up knowing there’s time in your day, just for you? And if you don’t, would you like to? 👇Please let me know in the comments below.👇 Hx