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Jumping in here as proof that I don’t always wear my hair dirty in a pony tail!!! Its called me time ladies and I feel good for it too! Here’s a reminder for you. Have a listen to the end. It will only take a minute or two. And so worth it. For you.

When I suddenly lost my home and my 6 figure salary, I lived in a caravan in my sisters back yard with my children. I was medicated for anxiety & depression. My health, hormones, thyroid, adrenals, everything was A MESS. I was exhausted and constantly felt too busy, overwhelmed and spread too thin. I was so sad & with so much in front of me, I DID NOT know the way. The personal AND professional losses have been enormous and I was depleted, desperate and in despair.

There’s been a lot of doing in front of me as I’ve rebuilt my life personally and professionally from scratch in my 40’s.  Loads of doing, for my kids. And for me, so I see you trying to eat properly, fit in exercise, running around for everyone in your family, doing all the things.

Through the process of all the heartbreak and adversity in my life, I found the secret sauce to slowing down and achieving & created what I now call my signature – ME TIME METHOD, which is what I teach inside my digital courses.  You see I now have the daily focus and ability to reboot from the constant bombardment of life, get a bunch of stuff done, connect individually with everyone in my family and have time out for me in my day too. My focus and my beliefs became my priority. 

I used to find that my attention to detail personality meant that I would get stuck in the ‘doing’ of what needed to be done to achieve the outcome. I learned this was a disguise for my fear that I wasn’t enough. I’ve also learned that it’s not in the doing where all the work gets done. Nor is it completing a list of things to do. Or just scheduling time in your calendar each day for yourself and sticking to it!

Gosh, if that’s all it took, we would all be doing it right and feeling fulfilled and happy all of the time. I want you to wake up knowing there’s DEFINITELY time in your day JUST for you, that you matter and you can do this. No matter what’s in front of you. Make time in your day for you beautiful because you can, you matter and you get to do this.

Get focused. Get going. Let’s do this. I hope you have a fabulous, gorgeous weekend! Let me know what you’re doing in the comments below. Hx