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I was starting to feel that even though we could have very happily spent the rest of our days in our beautiful retro old girl caravan we fondly call Evie, camped out on my gorgeous sister’s rural property, that it was time to consider where to next for us. Geographically, the run between school, my new work and where our horses were was fairly time consuming. I was very grateful and happy to do it, but I felt like it was time to put down some firmer roots for me and my babes. In my promises to my kiddies that we would keep our horses, I had also promised them that I would figure out a way that we would afford to stay in our community, keeping them in their school that they loved and with their friends they adored. But I also knew I had to get off the coast where it was expensive and get inland a bit, hopefully it would be more cost effective for us.

Sure, I considered moving back to the city for a while to try and earn some decent money and resurrect my career. I even considered heading very west and setting up home in the real bush like I had grown up. Or staying in our van and being nomadic for a while and travelling Australia on a tight budget, homeschooling my dreamy heart out. With each option I considered, I kept coming back to the promises that I had made to my babes and that was so important to me – school wouldn’t change for them and our horses would be with us – these constants were foundational for them.

So where to next for us? We had no clue, but we knew that where ever we were together would be home and if it was going to be, it was up to me … Hxx