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Do you adore your home and like me, little by little, love to pretty it up? Having a home which is gently and lovingly upgraded, reflecting you and your inner world is an absolute blessing I believe. This is all possible even if you are the owner of the house you dwell in or in some cases, even if you are not. Significant changes in your home can be either small or large; cost the earth or be on a DIY close budget – which in my case is a favourite approach! Home improvements though, on any level not only have the ability to gather great kudos from your pals, but in my opinion should have the power to improve your lifestyle and wanting to be in your own space more than anything.  Also, those significant bucks added to the value of your property is a massive plus of any home renovation if done right! If you wish to feel that enormous sense of satisfaction related to your home, then maintaining and upgrading within your personal budget I think is a must and can be completely graftifying!

If you are not sure whether you need some home renovation done or not, here are some solid reasons to persuade you down the prettying up path –

1. Good planning is required for good renovations

Remodeling done well, can enhance both your property value and way of life. Regardless of whether you have professionally done enhancements or a straightforward DIY without anyone else’s help kind of venture, it merits carrying out the responsibility well. Everything begins with recognizing what you are intending to accomplish with your redesign.

2. Attain an eye pleasing streetscape

Although an older home may have some obsolete looks to it, engage with its original character.  Can you connect the old and the new in refreshing its view from the street? Creating warmth and appeal from first impression is critical to establishing welcome. Plus, even if you are not at this point planning to ever sell, most home purchasers incline toward buying a home with an appealing style from the road, so it’s an important factor to keep in mind from the get go. A decent home style improves the estimation of the house and this is an ever important fact to keep in mind right from the beginning.

3.    Consider the monetary value you can receive

Most of us are persuaded into renovating our home, by the need to incorporate more space for living. Others simply need to reestablish a more seasoned home to its previous brilliance. Often homeowners redesign so as to expand their property’s valuation. For financial reasons,  remodeling might be a chance to improve the estimation or it might mean having the option to direct a higher lease.

4.    Enhance the aesthetics of the property

Imagine your space is well-executed and designed after the renovation and visitors are amazed by the work you have done and the new feel you have created. Wouldn’t this feel rewarding? This will also take your space’s value to a completely new level, proving to be an appropriate investment of your valuable money and time. How fulfilling!

5.    Create a home that suits your personality

We often relate a person’s nature with the house he or she lives in. Reason being, the house is the place which depicts a lot about the persona of the individual who dwells in it. Even older infrastructures, (my personal favourite!) are gems asking for polishing and personality. You can simply blend some of the historic styles along with a few extra modish themes to develop your own different taste that draws love and attention to your home easily AND as a true reflection of you!  It can be a little challenging to find your own style, but trust us, the results and self confidence you will develop along the way will be totally worth it if you do.

6.    Eco-friendliness is the need of the hour

There is an entire scope of upgrades that can enhance your home’s eco-impression. Many ‘green’ alterations can be moderate, such as introducing low-stream showerheads and taps. Gather some information about the accessibility of products for property holders, which are making earth amicable changes. Some ‘green’ redesigns can cost a little more at first yet the investment of funds into eco friendly brands after some time could and should be a great return on investment into the future.

7.    You can simply avoid moving from your home with renovations

We understand that on one hand, you are in love with your current space and don’t wish to leave it too soon. On the other, you are also wanting something new and different. In such a scenario, you can simply give a new look to your space with the help of home renovations. Plus, in most cases, way more budget effective than a complete new move.  This decision encourages you to maintain a strategic distance from a heap of different costs related to the selling and purchasing and cash saved here can go straight towards your home upgrades. Therefore, all you need is to connect with some top-rated home renovation services or get stuck into DIY to change your home’s look.

8. Add that modish functionality

Open up your main living spaces to create a sense of openness. Or what about an outdoor bath or shower – the way you imagined your dream home to be. All this is possible with some clever and well planned alterations. Think about the flow and functionality that you need in your home and how you will use and move around the space freely and with proper function.

9. Create a more efficient and safe home

Maybe you need to create more warmth or cooling for yourselves from our various climates? Perhaps you need to factor in further safety so you feel more snug and protected from the outside elements? Improvements here will genuinely improve the overall comfort of your home and through the addition of these things, you are building your home into the sanctuary it needs to be for your family, to keep you both safe and relaxed in its pleasures.

10. Comfort is the primary factor

After years of living in your home(s), it may be brimming with stuff, with lots of mess going on! Have a look around you, do you need EVERYTHING you can see? Can you begin to declutter and create a little less clutter and flow around you? Being able to comfortably unwind in your home is paramount to your pleasure and comfort of living there, without having to prop your feet up on a stack of old newspapers that should have gone out with the trash long ago!

Now, as you become closer to making your mind up to renovate your home, here is our snapshot of our favourite remodelling tips especially for you –

1.    Practice great research as your first step

You will be astonished at the number of alternatives you have once you begin your research, like that gorgeous light fitting that you enjoyed at the top of the line store which you have found can be obtained at a lower cost from somewhere else. Winner winner chicken dinner!  When thoroughly working out your home redesigns spending plan you are probably going to discover a large portion of the provisions at a modest cost if you shop around and do your research properly.

2.    Never under or overestimate your budget

It is critical in planning

  • not to overestimate your financial limit,
  • keep your spending limit front of mind always and
  • proceed onward knowing your financial limits.

3.    The house’s main door should be appealing

After the streetscape, the initial introduction of your home is your front door. It has to be inviting and should cause a lasting effect on your guests!  On the off chance that you are unfit to change the entryway totally and/or if your current entryway is in a decent condition, perhaps consider giving your front door a fresh new lick of paint.

4.    Repainting is vital in home renovations

A standout amongst the most dependable lift any home could receive, is spending on a crisp layer of fresh new paint. This is a beautifully simple method that can change the inclination and vibe of any room or facade in the home without spending a fortune on additional items. Paint is genuinely modest and is easy to apply, which guarantees cash isn’t squandered, especially when a gorgeous fresh look is wanting to be achieved on budget.

5.    Give a larger view to your smaller rooms

To accomplish larger views, especially in smaller spaces, one word – mirrors – which create an illusion of largeness and openness in any space. A fresh lick of paint in your small pad too will give it an overall stunning lift if done right. Keep in mind to ensure you get the right furniture and fixtures that are a proper fit for space, so as not to clutter the fresh new feel of the space. I absolute love window dressings, but sometimes leaving your window uncovered in the space can also give the feel of a large room. Plan accordingly.

6.    Pay attention to the kitchen design

Never ever neglect your kitchen while you change your overall house’s look! Reason being, this is the most significant room in your home which tells a lot about the maintenance of your house as a whole. Chances are that high on your list of first considerations in this regard, will be the maximization of the storage in your kitchen. My suggestion, keep it smart and simple baby! Can you use cabinets that are made from recycled materials to stay at the budget-friendly level? The kitchen is a huge focal point for any home, be sure to follow a certain theme that goes well with the rest of your house.

7.    Bathroom re-décor matters a lot in the home renovation

Do you know that you can avoid those inexpensive products to install in your modern bathroom? All you need is to do your research and be extra clever with where you find things.  A fresh look to your bathroom will go a long way to changing your mood at the end of any day, helping you to pleasurably relax in your beautiful tranquil space.


In 2017, when my divorce and marriage breakdown meant that I had to sell our beloved rural family home, only minutes from the beach, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Although I was mid home renovation at the time,  I suddenly didn’t have any money or an income earning job anymore. I was up to my neck in family law and was feeling completely downtrodden and entirely exhausted by the whole ongoing 4 year ordeal.

Despite everything, I have always lived a simple living, minimalist kind of mantra and way of life so moving into our old vintage caravan the following year, felt very natural for me!

In 2018, the idea of van life for me and my 2 tweens was exciting and liberating! For all the sadness, heartbreak and loss we had experienced, we were so thrilled to be moving into our beautiful retro old girl caravan fondly called Evie! My gorgeous sister and brother in law had offered and organised the most amazing campsite for us on their beautiful property and we spent most of that year there in our van, Evie girl.

In 2019, as we gently undertake a cost effective renovation on our new little rural home, life has positively moved forward for us in ways I once could not have fathomed. I cannot help but see that I am now lovingly more with less, truly knowing that a fresh lick of paint really does wonders for any streetscape! Blessed with a beautiful safe roof over our heads, the happiness and solace of our homes over the last few years have basically been in the fact that we have had each other and our souls have been rooted where we are together.

I think the question to any renovation whether small or large; costing the earth or on a DIY close budget (my personal favourite!) should be first – “How can I make this home feel more like home?”

By the day’s end, home is where I believe we all should want to be, whether it be van life, a mcmansion or like us now in a little bush shack. Remember, renovating is not about getting rid of all the old items, or always to size up but in my opinion most importantly to cherish your memories along the way, taking time to slow down and enjoy the entire journey step by step forward.

Happy homing (I mean happy renovating!)

Blessings, Hiddy xx

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