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I realise it’s easier to say ‘trust the timing of life’ than it is to actually ‘do’ … when life’s happening around us and especially when shits flying all over the place!

Am I right? Or am I right?

Last week, I shared with you that I suddenly lost my beloved 🐴 Monte a year ago and that this is something I haven’t been ready or able to share publicly, until now. I guess because, well … these last 12 months I’ve been of course feeling and dealing with his sudden departure from our worlds and the sadness of it all. So DOING the … ‘trust the timing of life’ bit.

So much of how that awful event unfolded just doesn’t make sense. And I’ve had to, in order to heal, love and let go once again … simply accept something I don’t like as ‘it is’.

2016 – Monte & Willo










2015 – Monte & Jali










When we made the decision to purchase a beautiful new foal, sight unseen, right before Christmas last year, it had nothing to do with losing Monte. In fact, even after the commitment and right up to his arrival 3 weeks ago, these are some of the questions that kept popping up in my head:

Now that he’s here, and in the last couple of weeks of getting to know each other, connecting and forming the foundation of our relationship, I realise …🤍 it’s actually all about Monte.

How he looks, how he interacts, his horsenality (yes, it’s a word!) … remind me so much of Mont, what we had together and what he brought to us as a family. So, once again my beautiful Monte has helped me to heal and this time, has helped me to trust the timing of my life.

I want you to meet Mo and I invite you to share in our first 2 weeks together here, and I look forward to sharing with you our journey together.

We had a list of different names for him, but he’s spent the last few weeks being called Baby or Lil Man. Then, out of nowhere, the name Mo simply landed on and in our hearts. It wasn’t on the list!

If there’s something you’re struggling to trust the timing of right now, it could be anything, please believe me when I say you are not alone, I understand and I promise, all will be ok.

I know how hard it is to often trust the timing of life. It is so much easier said than done. But eventually, in the end, we do get there, right to where we are meant to be. 🤍

Please reach out anytime. I am here for you always. I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend.
Blessings, Hiddyx😘

1987 – 12YO me with Polly Anna and my only ever (other) foal, Tequila

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