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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re so deep into everyday chores and responsibilities, into looking after everyone and everything, into keeping things, life, your family – on track, that you feel you have nothing left to give. You’re empty.

Worse, you sometimes even feel resentful that you don’t have more. More help, more time, more freedom.

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. You’re ok.

We’ve all had times when life seemed unfair, and when a way out was hard to imagine. But there always is. And it starts with you.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Power is an attitude, a choice entirely within your reach. Moving from empty to empowered is within your means sister.

I’m the first to own up that life doesn’t always make you feel like superwoman. In fact, it very rarely does. You must claim your inner superwoman for yourself, mama.

Be intentional with where you put your energy

Let’s dig deeper…how did you come to feel this powerlessness, this overwhelm?

In my experience, it has come from not knowing when to say no, not setting clear boundaries, not protecting my resources. But let me tell you, that only happens when you’re not clear on who you are, who you want to be, what you’re here for. When you’re giving indiscriminately…you’re cheating yourself of all you have to offer.

For many of us, we’ve let things progress so far that we no longer know what we are passionate about, what our purpose in life is, other than looking after everyone and everything.

In my ‘Busy Mums Steps To Slow Down Success’ 1 hour online workshop, register here, I teach the simple steps I use to get started slowing, and focus in on those things that really light you up, how to make room for them and feel the surge of energy return in your life. Are you ready to go from empty to empowered?

Choose an attitude of power

Power is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure this is not news. Your perception, how you choose to perceive your situation 👉 is the boss.

You’ve got the power to decide how you see a situation.

Fair enough, another grocery trip followed by cooking family dinner. You can choose to feel drab about it, or you can choose to feel grateful that you can afford to put food on the table, that your body is strong enough to cook dinner, that you have the skills.

Isn’t that power?

I think power is all about making your own choices, choosing your path, and acknowledging your strength, your superwomannes (new word!).

In my (live launch coming again soon) online course ‘7 Days to Slow Down Fast’  we deep dive into slowing down and uncovering your true mission, so you can move forward with clarity and…yes, a strong sense of empowerment – consistently!

If you find yourself not loving how you treat yourself, how you think of yourself, you don’t need to wait for a special begin again date. For your birthday, after the school holidays end, next month. No. You can start today.

Take back the power and move from empty to empowered

I want to leave you with some wise words of empowerment from a wise woman, Buddhist monk and meditation teacher Pema Chodron says:

‘No matter what happened to us in the past, right now we can take the responsibility for working compassionately with our habits, our thoughts and emotions. We can take the emphasis off who hurt us and put it into disentangling ourselves. I have what it takes to change the movie of my life so that the same things don’t keep happening to me. It does seem that the same things keep coming back to trigger the same feeling in us until we’ve made friends with them.’

Maybe it’s time you take that feeling of empty for a walk and have a chat.

When I lost everything and had to sell my dream home and lived in my caravan – I decided to find joy and appreciation in the simple safety of me and my kids being together in our caravan with a roof over our head, food in our bellies, my sister and her family close by.

Over to you 👇

Do you believe power is an attitude, why or why not?

Please leave a comment below and let me what you think. 🙏 Thank you for being here and for adding your perspective.

Blessings, Hiddy xx

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