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My key message to modern women & busy mums is that I believe in hope & the power that is within us to create a meaningful & successful life on our own terms – regardless of our journey so far.


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What's my story?

Well, it’s quite the tale, so I’ll keep it brief …

I started my career as a hairdresser, before moving into the exciting world of IT and Digital Education, creating and delivering education programs for national and international markets. I now use my tech skills,  life-experience and online courses to empower busy mums to make positive change, embrace slow and live large with less in their lives.

In 2014 my life suddenly and tragically fell apart. I experienced shock, grief, loss and heartbreak – completely blindsided by deceit and devastated by the breakdown of what I thought was a close and connected marriage. I thought I was living every girl’s dream (2 beautiful babies, a gorgeous home and brilliant career) but that life turned into a suddenly gut wrenching horrendous nightmare.

The world I knew and had built was gone overnight. I was terrified and was financially frozen out and left without money to buy food or put petrol in the car. Physically and emotionally I was wrecked, but I had our two gorgeous kids to care for.

Starting over in your 40s is scary. Starting over with no money, no job and stress-induced adrenal fatigue is next level. I was forced to slow right down, simplify everything and live life in a way that supported my health and healing.

It made me realise that the way I used to live, constantly doing and rushing, wasn’t supporting me at all. I realised there was a better way and as women and mothers, we could still be productive and get the important things done, without constantly rushing.

In 2018, after our family home was sold, my kids and I spent a year ‘living large with less’ in our 1950s caravan Evie. What an adventure!  I now live on a rural hinterland property on the East Coast of Australia, close to Byron Bay, NSW where I ride horses, renovate my little house and create life-changing digital courses to help women banish busy and overwhelm.