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WOWSAS! Ain’t this a gig I never envisaged for myself or for my family!!! And don’t get me started on how tired I am either!!!

95% of the time, my sweet babes are with me.  Despite my battle against constant exhaustion, I wouldn’t have it any other way either. FYI – I do try NOT to complain about my tiredness, which doesn’t always work (probably an unachievable intention for me)!

I quietly chuckle to myself when I hear other women complain about how much their husbands work or perhaps might be away for a week long stint, let’s say … leaving them to do it all. Certainly makes me feel better about my whinging and helps to me justify my sore aching feet!

In many ways, this single parenting gig is very rewarding for me, because it truly demonstrates what I can manage and do on my own. And I am not hoping for someone else to fill up my cup, because that’s a task for me to be intentional about to enable me to reach my own fulfillment and to move forward in faith. H xx