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You don’t need anyone else’s permission to slow down

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you it’s important to rest and relax. You already know that. So, let me ask you? If you understand the importance of rest and relaxation, why aren’t you doing it? Why aren’t you honouring yourself with time to recharge, time to daydream, time to just BE?

I talk to LOTS of women and I’m struck by the need to constantly rush and do. You tell me you feel obligated and there’s no one else. You’re obligated to be the one doing everything, organising everything and saying yes to each and every request that comes your way.

Maybe you’re a single mama, rocking this parenting gig on your own. Maybe your partner works long hours, or does shift work. Or maybe they’re not as present as you’d like them to be, so most of the responsibility falls to you.

And because of these things, you feel as though there’s no support for you to slow down. It’s not possible to take your foot off the accelerator because then everything will come to a grinding halt.

You might not like this, mama. But I’m going to challenge you on this limiting belief.

The power is yours. Step up, mama.

The most common question I’m asked is, “How? How do I slow down?”

And the answer is as simple and as complicated as this – you make a commitment to yourself to slow and then you take small, deliberate actions every day to make it happen. Action creates momentum. The more small actions you take, the easier it will get.

You might feel as though no one in your life supports you to slow down. But they don’t have to. You can’t change other people’s beliefs, but you can lead by example. Don’t give your power away by thinking you need external approval.

Change comes from within. You have the power, SUPPORT YOURSELF to slow down.

Give yourself permission to slow

I’m going to share a controversial opinion here. And don’t get me wrong, despite past experience I am not a man-hater. I love men. I’m married to one and raising one.

I’ve been a single mama and I know how tough and isolating that can be.

But I also believe even women in relationships bear the emotional load for the whole family. We keep track of the school notes, the sport commitments and the endless birthday party invitations. It’s proven we do the lion’s share of housework, whether we work full-time outside the house or not.

Women are the project managers. We keep everyone’s shit together. We’re strong and resilient. So when it comes to slowing down, why do we feel like we need someone else to give us permission?

Give YOURSELF permission to slow down.

Got a never-ending To Do list? You’re in charge of it. Decide what’s a priority, then ditch some of those tasks. Can you delegate a chore? Can something wait a day or two? Is it financially possible to outsource something on your list?

Maybe there’s a teenager in your neighbourhood who offers cheap lawnmowing – the hour or two that buys you could be spent doing something you enjoy, with the people you love.

Overscheduled? Practice saying no. Do you really want go to your cousins Tupperware party? Could you use that time to read a book, or take a walk or do something you truly enjoy instead?

How lack of rest is hurting your body and mind

So, you know the importance of rest and relaxation to help you feel energised, but do you know just how big an impact lack of rest and proper sleep can have on you?

Queensland psychologist Dr Daphne Bryan says lack of proper rest can:

  • Impair your memory
  • Cause poor concentration and impaired judgement
  • Lower your stress threshold
  • Reduce your desire to socialise and decrease feelings of optimism
  • Cause weight gain

Dr Bryan says, “In today’s fast paced world, we are constantly on the go, striving for continual improvement and greatness. We are not allowed to take things slowly, feel tired, or take a break.

“Despite such a lifestyle providing us with certain achievements at home or work, in the long term, this is not sustainable and can lead to burn out. Our mind and bodies are the only ones we’ve got, and they support us as much as they are able to, no matter what we subject them to.

“However, if we do not pay attention to our minds and bodies and deny ourselves of rest and relaxation, we can find ourselves getting sick and deteriorating both physically and mentally.”

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Blessings, Hiddy xx

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