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I know right, so far they are everywhere on both my site and my feed! Can I have ANY photos without them?! Well, yeah, sure, totally I can, but these photos you are seeing of me and my horses are one of those things that has been pivotal in this journey of mine and they have kinda resulted naturally in forming the flavour of me here.

Despite a 10 year break during the 90’s while I built my career in Sydney (and lived it up in beautiful Bondi baby!) horses have always been a huge part of my life and who I am. I am a country bush girl at heart, so getting around in my jeans and boots with my horses is pretty much as comfy as it gets for me. I usually feel much more like me if I am towing a trailer of some description, like a horse float. Or wearing boots with my favourite dress. In this case, barefoot on horseback in my favourite #zimmerman number certainly did the uplifting trick for me.

I was in absolute emotional bits the night before this photo on my horse was taken. Tears and anxiety about doing such a thing when I felt so shit in my situation. I felt utterly ridiculous about being in front of a camera. What a wanker I am for doing this I thought to myself at the time. Silently crying into the whole night before about where I was at in my life. Yet, this was something I really really wanted to do and needed to capture for myself, because what if I lost my horses in all this too? At least if I had some pics, that would help me hold them in my heart too.

So shit, here I was again. An emotional blubbering mess facing the fact that the only way through was through and the only person who could do this was me. It’s just some dumb photos you might think but it was significantly massive for me – marking a very special moment in time, with my four legged loves, at my beloved home that I was bound to lose and at a time when my heart was pouring over constantly with grief and sadness.

When I look at the capture of these photos, I recognise how important my horses have been in our healing. These photos fill me with great joy now because they grabbed a moment in time that I am proud that I conquered. I love being able to share them with you here too and being able to tell you that our horses are still with us and a huge part of our lives,  is pretty cool too! There is a herd of 7 of them as we speak … Hxx