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Welcome to my little kitchen in my little house that I absolutely adore! You know, it wasn’t that long ago when I thought that the idea of being a homeowner again was ever going to be possible for me. I had no money. No job. I was so run down and unhealthy. Basic survival was my focus.

For all of that though, I am so grateful, because I have learned so much and personally developed beyond my wildest dreams. It was in that little old caravan that I lived in with my children in my sisters backyard where Hiddy and Co first came to life! And my focus and my beliefs became my priority. 

You see I now have the daily focus and ability to reboot from the constant bombardment of life, get a bunch of stuff done, connect individually with everyone in my family and have time out for me in my day too. I have re-created my life, to a fulfilling and achieving one that I always wanted. If I can go from a ‘Rushing Ruby’ to a ‘Me Time Marlow’, then you can too.

This is what I know to be true … there is a perceived need to rush for us as women and be and do all the things, whether we show it on the outside or if we keep it under wraps. And it’s changing our health in not a great way. What’s also concerning is why we do it … Why do we think and behave in ways that are leading us to feel not great, regardless of what we accomplish in a day?

Once we understand what is really going on, we will see that the swing between rushing and not rushing is driven by our beliefs and our behaviour is an expression of those beliefs. Let me put it like this. Unless we question the belief upon which our actions are based, the actions will likely continue. So true. And powerful right.

The answer lies in both our biochemistry (what we put into our body, what we are made up of) and our belief system.  The answer lies in both our biochemistry and our belief system. 

I know if I didn’t truly investigate this for myself and from there change my focus and my beliefs, I wouldn’t be in my gorgeous little kitchen in my gorgeous little house that I adore sharing with you now! Our beliefs are so powerful ladies. Wherever you are watching this video will you leave a comment or hit reply and let me know what you think? Has that landed for you?  Hx