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Busy Mums Slow Down™

Grab the Busy Mums Slow Down™ Kick Start Guide to get started. Easily start slowing AND achieving today.


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“An expert in personal growth and transformation, Hiddy has an excellent ability to use digital platforms not only to educate and inform from experience, but to create a connected cohesive community.”

Co-founder & VP EvolutionShortcuts Software

Busy Mums Slow Down™ System (Achieve what matters most!)

7 day, self paced online course for busy mums wanting slow down consistency in their high achieving lives.


Busy Mums Slow Down™ Steps to Success

An online course to learn the exact daily steps I use for slowing AND achieving.

Master how you can easily do the same and why.

Claim your stake in achieving more of what matters (without the raging ‘nothing will ever get done if I stop’ overwhelm, crippling ‘everyone will think I’m lazy hangups and nightmarish ‘I-can’t-fit-another-thing-in syndrome’)

If you are a busy mum seeking to generate more down time for you and your family, while creating more fulfilment and achievement in your life, then you probably already know you need to slow down and make time to refocus.

So, I’ll save you the spiel.

Perhaps in your most courageous moments, you’ve made the commitment to start.

But even with the best intentions, most would-be non-rushing women end up abandoning the project. They allow life to return to the ‘busy-of-before’ while constantly sidelining those ‘there’s got to be a better way’ thoughts and feelings.

Don’t want this to be you?



Because slowing down IS NOT lazy!

My FREE & FUN 3-day Slow Down Dare is designed to help you learn the art of slowing down and bring daily moments of self-love into your every day. You can stop the rush today in a super simple way!

Why? You DON’T have to rush through every day. Slow down IS possible. When? Join me anytime. Simply start once a day, for 3 days in a row.


When did we all get so busy?

When did we all get so busy?
Here’s something super important you need to know.

You must look after yourself. It isn’t optional, beautiful lady.

Everyone needs to learn the art of slowing down. If you need support, it’s not weak to ask for it. It takes great strength to talk to medical professionals and people who can work with you to move towards the kind of life you deserve and dream of. And I’m here for you. I’m holding this space for you.

It’s not lazy to rest and it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you need to rediscover what fills yours. And lovely lady, I don’t just want your cup to be full, I want to see it overflowing.

Wanna slow down busy mum?

Grab the Busy Mums Slow Down™ Kick Start Guide to get started.

Easily start slowing AND achieving today.

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