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Do you feel like you’re rushing yourself ragged?

By Slow Down, Yoga
Learn what you can do about it. I was wondering if you answer yes to any of these questions … Do you often feel like you are rushing to do it all? Do you often feel like you are wound up like a spring? Do you often feel like you are in a daily battle to try and keep up? Is it possible that YES has been your answer to all of these?! You know,…
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3 Simple Steps. Jog On Through Adversity.

By Yoga
“Jog On. No One's Comin” A few years ago a friend of mine used this term to describe how he kept moving forward through major adversity he was experiencing in his life. Together we belly laughed over the phrase and its meaning. He didn’t mean it like it sounds, that he had no one to support him on that journey. Personal and professional support is key to getting through the tough stuff. He meant, it's…
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