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Do you roll out of bed excited to take on the day, or do you pull the covers over your head hoping for just five more minutes? Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, or an exhausted mum burning the candle at both ends, a strong morning routine can set you up for success all day long.

A morning routine is simply a set of daily actions that help you own your morning and start the day with intent.

And, believe it or not, how you start your day can affect everything that comes afterwards.

As a mama, I know mornings can feel like utter chaos, right? The kids are slow to get dressed, you’re pretty sure their teeth-cleaning leaves a lot to be desired AND you’ve run out of washing up detergent to do the morning dishes.

You’re packing lunches, while fielding all the questions.

“Mum, where’s my school uniform?”

“Mum, I need money for the excursion.”

“Muuuuum, I can’t find my water bottle.”

By the time you get in the car, everyone is frustrated. Someone is usually upset with someone else. You drop the kids at school and head off to work already stressed before you get there.

Sound familiar?

Your morning routine doesn’t have to be like mine

I love getting up early. There’s something about the crisp morning air and the chance to have the house to myself in silence that allows me to start the day on the right foot. But night owls, never fear. 

You don’t have to be a morning person to own your morning or implement some daily rituals to help you get started.

When I work with women to help them slow down their busy lives, one of the first things I ask them is how they start their day. I truly believe an effective morning routine is so important that it’s one of the key elements of my digital course 7 Days to Slow Down Fast.

Mamas often tell me they don’t want to start their day rushing and overwhelmed, but they’re not sure how to make changes that last.

Well, here’s my advice – find what works for you, then make it non-negotiable. 

Your morning is sacred. I know not everyone likes their routines to be rigid and if that’s you, then allow some flexibility or don’t try to put too many elements into your routine. One or two changes might be all you need to get you started – remember, it’s your morning and you’re in charge of it! 

What does a morning routine look like?

Everyone’s routine will be different. And it depends on lots of things. Are you a mama of teenagers or toddlers? If you have toddlers they might be waking you up before the sunrise, but if you have teens it might be a battle to drag them out of bed.

I listened to a fantastic podcast episode recently where Amy Porterfield asked her friends (all successful entrepreneurs) to share their morning routines. Amy is a huge fan of a strong morning routine, saying “how you set up your morning will determine how you feel when your head hits the pillow at night.”

Yes, girl! Amy totally gets it, couldn’t have said it better myself.

On the podcast her friends all talked about their morning routines – all completely different, but effective all the same. Photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star wakes up at 4.30am every day, taking 45 minutes to wake up slowly and then get a head start on her creative work.

Jennifer Allwood has four kids, so most of her morning is completely about getting them up and ready for school, but once they leave at 8.30am, instead of diving straight into work she takes 30-45 minutes to have a coffee on the deck and set her intentions for the day.

James Wedmore is all about starting the day with meditation and physical fitness. His advice: “make your morning routine something that gets you excited, something that gets you out of bed… Morning routines are important, but there’s no one right morning routine except the one right one for you.”

Stu McLaren’s non-negotiables before he starts work are making his wife a cup of tea, taking his dog for a walk in the woods and dropping his kids off at school.

Here are a seven more ideas you could include in your own morning routine:

  1. Take 5-10 minutes to write down 3 things you’re grateful for
  2. Get outside in nature. Go for a walk, a swim, or just sit and enjoy the sun on your face.
  3. Exercise. Make it something you enjoy so you’ll stick with it.
  4. Have breakfast with the kids
  5. Listen to music that makes you want to dance
  6. Don’t check your phone when you first wake up. Spend at least an hour technology free.
  7. Meditate, practice mindfulness or pray. Visualise  and focus on the feeling of what you want to achieve with the end result in mind.

And don’t forget to think about things you could do in the evening to make the next morning easier for you. Get the kids to have their clothes ready and help you pack their lunch boxes. Get them to put any notes, items for school, homework etc in their bag the night before so no-one is rushing around looking for it at the last minute.

Spending 15 minutes on a few simple tasks the night before can also help you stick with your strong morning routine. My free 6-step ‘Slow Down In My Life Right Now’ checklist is an easy way to spend a little time the night before to set you up for a flowing morning. Grab the checklist here.

Over to you!

I’d absolutely love to hear about your morning routine. 

What non-negotiable things do you do every morning to set you up for a calmer, slower day?

Please comment below and let me know your answer.

Thank you so much for being here and for adding your perspective. It means the world to me. Please share this post with someone you love, because they might be in need of some slowing fun today too!

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Blessings, Hiddy xx

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