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Friday 08th September 2017 and the FOR SALE sign went up on our family home. More heartbreak, really?  I am confronted constantly with my deep sadness. For all I have gained on this journey, for all the love and support I have received, I wish to not have had to go through the heartbreak that I have. I wish this more for my children.

I know I will always have deep sadness in my heart about it all. I know I will always have a deep deep love for my x husband. I know I will always miss our family not being together, what we looked like together, what we did together and our plans for where we were going together.

We had so many visions for this property. It was our forever home. So much of us was etched in here … all those (shattered) dreams my 40+ year old self was believing in. We were mid renovation too, creating a shared dream and stunning vision. So many things pulled up short. 

My children are pulling me forward though. They want to be happy. They want to move on. They deserve to. And so do I.

For all the sad heartbreak, we need to try our hardest to keep our eyes forward now … H xx